A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

There wasn`t any super-objective when we started working with consumable products for office machines. It was 1996 and we made just the first step which led us to a long path.

Was it successful and what we have achieved on our 21-years’ way?

DSC00041 333.jpgRM Company and ProfiLine business group is one of the headliners of Russian consumables’ market at present. Branch offices in the major cities, a team of more than 200 employees, a wide range of products and formidable storage facilities provide us with the possibility to satisfy the demand of more than 2000 partners all over Russia and CIS countries.

Individual approach and customer-first attitude helps us to expand and build new business relations. We do our best to establish comfortable cooperation terms from the very beginning.

But the important thing is not only to start well but to maintain the cooperation at a high level. And here are responsibility and discipline, stability accompanied by innovation, determination and development are all that matters.

Our own development always goes hand in hand with well-being of our partners due to efficient cooperation based on honesty, respect and mutual aid. Special partnership programs are designed to help our customers evolve successful business using our vast experience and deep knowledge of the consumables’ market processes.

No experience comes easy and it never comes out of the blue. It was not a 21 year of a light ride, but it was surely worth taking.

What steps were made and how it all developed?

It all began for our top-brand ProfiLine back then between the two millenniums. It was a popularity growth in the inkjet industry and we were there to satisfy the demand for the cartridges.

The whole market of compatible consumables is quite a lively one: new printer models and new technologies strike every day. Customers’ demands change rapidly and we have to respond adequately. Just after a year of existence, the inkjets in ProfiLine assortment were accompanied by a range of inks and photo paper.

Since then we made the quality and a wide assortment our distinguishing features. We study the market thoroughly and do our best to provide our customers with everything they need. Our product range offers more than 5000 positions of compatible printing consumables. During our long existence we introduced three new brands to our customers. But after all these years ProfiLine is the most favorite and the most popular one.

Now we are pleased to ensure that ProfiLine has gained a position of an umbrella brand with one of the most varied assortment represented by all kinds of compatibles: laser cartridges and toner powders, inkjet cartridges and inks, OPC drums, chips, spare parts, ribbons and nylons, refill kits, continuous ink supply system, refillable cartridges, photo paper and cleansers.

Following the main streams of the market and willing to satisfy its’ needs we were growing and progressing together with our customers. Nowadays we mostly cooperate with big governmental structures and major private companies which means that we are targeting the wholesale market mostly.

We definitely understand that a matter of delivery time plays an important role for our partners. The whole idea of the compatibles’ sphere means that the supplier has to respond quickly to every customer in order to sustain the competitive advantage. Each year we manage to enlarge the storage facilities so that we may be able to supply any requested amount.

The square of the major warehouse exceeds 45 000 v3. A well-built logistics net allows to deliver the goods to the customers from all across the country. An organized storage system helps us to prepare the orders at no time. Most of the big orders may be dispatched the next day after being received. In special cases we may consider a delivery on a same-day basis.

What helped us not to lose the way?

IMG_4658.JPGWhen we created ProfiLine at the turn of the XXI century we chose the only true criteria – the quality. As the time passed, in 2007 we were the first on the market to introduce the additional before-sale testing program “Quality print”.

Under this program all laser cartridges are subject to testing for leak-tightness, absence of visible mechanical damage, extra noise check; hidden defects are also revealed on this level.

The standards of our additional testing are acknowledged by the direct manufacturers of printing consumables as well. The technical assistants from different factories visit out testing department on a regular basis in order to exchange the experience and work together to raise the manufacturing standards.

This year the “Quality print” program turns 10 years. Despite the fact that it is quite a long period, the multi-stage testing remains one-of-a-kind on the Russian market. That is why the 10th of November – The International quality day is a holiday that we celebrate with pleasure and honor.

The wide-known test-pilot Valeriy Pavlovich Chkalov used to say: “If be, then be the best”. In due time those were the words that inspired Yuri Gagarin to become world’s first cosmonaut. Now their achievements and victories are highly praised by young people working in various spheres, including our business.

What do you need to “touch the sky”?

The recipe is plain and complicated at the same time. To be the best you have to work a little better today than yesterday. A long path to the top consists of thousands of small steps.

Viam supervadet vadens” or “Where is a will there is a way